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CoastCart offers two options for credit card transactions.

1.  You can use the credit card information stored in the database to key it manually into your own credit card terminal.

2.  After your orders are received, you can process your transactions through the control panel by connecting online to Authorize.Net.

To take advantage of the Authorize.Net feature of your cart, you will first need to establish a merchant account through your bank.  Most banks charge a monthly fee for this and coordinate the details directly with Authorize.Net. 

Authorize.Net provides a list of resellers, which is another way of saying cooperating bank.   You will receive a merchant's id and password from your bank so you can access your Authorize.Net account online.  This will provide you with a complete rundown of who has purchased and whether the transaction has been completed or is still pending.

Settings you need to change at

Go to and log in to your account.

Click on "Settings"

Click on "General Connection Setup"

Under "Referrer URLs" add:

Under "Response/Receipt URL's" add:


Settings you need to change in your CoastCart control panel:

Log into your control panel and click on "Shopping Cart Administration."

When you come to the Cart Home page, click on Billing.

You will have three parameters:

  1. Client ID = Given to you by This is the same ID you use to log-in to the web site.

  2. ADC URL =

  3. Test Mode = when clicked the authorization isn't live and is only in test mode.