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There are four major areas to consider when setting up your billing information:


Credit Cards:

What credit cards do you take?  The options are Visa, Mastercard and Discover.


Order Processing

How will you process your credit card information?  CoastCart gives you two options for processing your orders.  

1.  You can take your customer's credit card information and process it yourself in the method you are most comfortable using.   If this is your choice, just fill in the Accepted Payment Types fields and you are all set.

2.  You can also set up an Authorize.Net account and process the credit card information online.  In order to do this, you will need to establish a merchant account through your bank.


What model will you implement when you charge your customer for shipping? There are seven different shipping models available.   For a detailed explanation of the shipping models, you can go here.



You will need to get sales tax for customers residing in the state where your corporate headquarters are located.  


For line-by-line instructions on setting up billing fields, click here.

For line-by-line instructions on processing orders, click here.