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CoastCart was designed to be offer maximum flexibility when integrating the cart into your current web design.   Even though the heart of the cart is firmly established, there are several ways to work around the main portion of the frame in a stylish and effective manner.


Any customization should be considered only by designers comfortable with HTML, CSS, and ASP.


NOTE:  It is very important to never change the default.asp file in your /cart subfolder.  Any changes to this file could disable the cart completely. 


Header and Footer Files

Built into the control panel you have the option of choosing header and footer files that change the look of the cart immediately.  This brief tutorial shows the possible ways you can use the header and footer to provide both an integrated look and expanded navigational possibilities.


Cascading Style Sheets

To get more control over your text components, you will want to add a style sheet to your site if you choose to use headers and footers.  It is beyond the scope of our support to go into how to make style sheets.  However, it is important to know that all the text in the cart body is in table cells. As such, you need to specify a default for "TD". Also, the navbar already has a class specified of tdnavbar_up and tdnavbar_dn. These should be included in your style sheet.



You can also choose to frame the cart.  While some people dislike the use of frames, when used correctly they give the cart the appearance of being seamlessly integrated into your site.


Combination of Frames and Header/Footer Files

It is a challenge to provide your customers with all of the information they need to make intelligent purchasing decisions.