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Along with each order there is a corresponding customer profile.  This contains all of the information for the specific order.  There are a couple of things to realize about the profiles.


1.  The profile is dynamic.  A customer can log in with an e-mail address and password.  The cart will even take care of sending the customer their forgotten password.  Each time a customer logs in they can change their address and credit card number.  Therefore, the profile will change over time.  The only way to secure the address and credit card a specific order was sent to is by printing off the Invoice for that order.


2.  Once you delete the order, you no longer have access to the profile.  There is a fine line between keeping your order view screen current and having access to your client's information.  We recommend keeping your orders at least a month or two past closing to ensure they get their order correctly, accept credit card billing and for your sales staff to do any necessary follow-up. 


3.  If you delete the order, the customer can still access their profile.  If you delete the order and the profile, then they will need to create a new profile when they return.


4.  Do not change the password unless you want to deny access to a client.