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Tips on Preparing Yourself 

  • Make sure to have everything ready ahead of time. Have any graphics ready in a folder on your hard drive or uploaded into a graphics folder in the cart subdirectory, /images.  


Note:  All graphics will appear in the cart the exact size that they are.  Scaling is not an option.  So, if your graphic is 500X500 pixels, that's the size it will be on your customer's screen.  Be sure to size your graphics appropriately.  The scale below gives some idea of what some common  sizes are:


  • Have a print out of your product list, including any descriptions, available sizes, colors or weights in front of you and ready to go.  You can always edit the product descriptions at a later date but it is much more efficient and accurate to create everything at the same time.

  • The database must be built online one item at a time and cannot be uploaded to the site.  

  • Most clients prefer to load their entire product line at once.  They may not even have it all available, but they don't have to go in and add more items later.  It is possible to enable or disable various items and categories whenever you want so your database might have 50 items but only 25 would be enabled at any one time.

The Process

Step One - Set up the parameters for your products in the Configuration Setup view.  Do you offer sizes? Colors?  Monograms?  If you want to see it in the Item Maintenance view, then you will need to enable it first.  Make sure to enable every field you will possibly need. 


Step Two - Create the categories you will need.  The categories function as a left-hand menu bar and will help your customers navigate throughout the shopping cart.


Step Three - Build your database one item at a time. You will need to decide which items, if any, you want to display on the home page (called a "Deep Link.")


Step Four - To make any changes, click on the Edit Items link, which will bring you to a view of the entire database.  From there you can edit the Item Maintenance view.  Be careful if you click on Edit Categories. If you delete a category, it will disable all items in that category.


Go to a line-by-line guide to setting up categories and items.

Go to an overview of the billing setup process.