Technical Support Control Panel

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When you receive an order, you can be notified via e-mail.  You can choose whether or not you want the order information to be included in the e-mail.  No credit card information will be e-mailed, however.  To process the credit card you will need to log into the Control Panel and click on "Review Orders."


To process your orders, log into your control panel and click on "Shopping Cart Admin."  Then click on the link "Orders."   You will come to a page that has a table containing your orders.  The newest orders will be first.  


or if you have Authorize.Net


You will have to options to pursue with the order.


Edit will take you to the user profile page, where you can see and modify line by line the credit card, billing and shipping address for your customer.


Invoice will take you to the View Order screen for this order.  You can print this off for your own purposes, such as manually processing the order or using it as an invoice for your customer.



If you have set up Authorize.Net, you can click on Process and it will bring you to the screen where you submit the order for processing.



For more information on customer profiles, click here.