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CoastCart was designed to make shopping, checking out and paying as easy as possible for your customers.  As you create your database, it is important to remember a couple of key points:

  • Keep your image files small.  Make sure that the images are sized appropriately for the field in which they will be viewed.  Optimize them with a graphics program such as Adobe's Photoshop or ImageReady or Macromedia's Fireworks.

  • Make sure that your descriptions are accurate and informative.  One of the biggest reasons web shoppers site for not purchasing a product online is they don't have enough information.  You have up to 11 fields to provide as much information as possible.

  • Check out the information at shopper watchdog sites.  They give wonderful information on what your shoppers are looking for and what makes them feel safe enough on your site to spend money.  Sites include:   

Your customers will follow a time-proven shopping cart format, preventing confusion and minimizing instructions.  For a walk through of what they' see, click here.