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Step One - Request  that the Cart be Installed.  Go into your Control Panel and click on "Install Shopping Cart."


Step Two - Create your graphics and gather the necessary product information to create the database.  Now is the time to rough out the look of your site, which can go from "exactly what you see" to fully customizable with unique headers and footers, type faces, colors and navigational elements to the rest of your web site.


Step Three - Enter the general cart information into the Appearance Setup View.  This will create the name, address, color, and e-mail settings that will be used throughout the cart.


Step Four - Decide which fields you will need for your product descriptions and enter them into the Configuration Setup View.


Step Five - Create the product database by Adding and Editing your Categories and Items found the Configuration Setup View.  Be sure to delete the default categories and items placed in the cart for demonstration purposes.


Step Six - Enter your currency, tax, shipping and Authorize.Net (if applicable) information into the Billing Setup View.


Step Seven - Test your cart.  Make sure that the graphics are correct, the descriptions informative and your credit card processing system is working smoothly.


Step Eight - Create a hyperlink from the body of your site to /cart/default.asp page so your customers can find your cart.


You are now ready to begin taking orders!


Click here to go to a payment and order process overview.

Click here to learn how to set up your database.