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EZsite Forum is an entire web site and password protected remote management system wrapped up in one ActiveX SERVER-SIDE asp component. Because it runs on Microsoft IIS, EZsite Forum works with the Netscape, Explorer or any other browser. The forums themselves use pure HTML sent to visiting browsers generated from Microsoft's IIS and asp.

The forum 'front end' of EZsite Forum was developed for quick response time and little overhead. No session variables are used with the forums except for 'Private' forums that need added security. Even with this, a parameter can be set to turn this added security feature off (upgraded features like search, split-frame forums, and forum lists all use Session variables).Cookies are used only if a forum visitor requires a password and wants to save their password. So even browsers with the cookie option turn off will work with the basic forums.

The management system used by forum administrators' only uses asp and a little JavaScript (not Java or client-side ActiveX). The management system will not be a problem for virtually any browser. Since security is an issue for the management system, session variables (and therefore cookies) were necessary. This should not be a problem for browsers with their cookie feature not turned off.

Detailed Documentation
Answers to almost all questions regarding the Forum
Online Demo
Functional demo shows how easy the forum is to use